A quarter of century long commitment to offering world class solutions and ensuring full customer satisfaction has resulted in the attainment of a level of performance that puts us in a position to undertake coordination and provision of a complex range of engineering and building services across all types of finishing works. We work on a vast spectrum of facilities, offering perfect technical support, coordination of the most recent technologies, complex repair and refurbishment in the area of finishing works.

One of our favourites, among the projects of a similar scale we have completed so far, is CinemaCity&IMAX Cotroceni Mall in Romania, where we could prove our reliability, timekeeping and were able to cater to the investor's satisfaction for yet another time. Below you can see some characteristics of that project:


CinemaCity&IMAX Cotroceni Mall:

  • place:                                      Bucharest, Romania
  • duration of contract:         5 months
  • area:                                        8,000 m2 

  • 22 cinema auditoriums + IMAX cinema
  • the very first VIP auditoriums within the chain
  • the largest CC w Romania 
  • second largest CC in Europe


Scope of works included, among other things, partition walls, including soundproof walls between cinema auditoriums, soundproof ceilings, soundproof doors and fire doors, punched roller shutters, full range of finishing works within cinema auditoriums, VIP auditoriums, IMAX auditorium and Lobby.

What is particularly interesting is finishing involving a substantial amount of hammered high-grade stainless steel, decorative plasters, junction of conglomerate and wooden floor, bar and box office furniture. At the very end of works, we handed over a General Master Key to the Investor.