We are demanding and it allows us to steadily progress as a company, expanding personnel committed to reliability and credibility. Uniwersum's success is a success that is being built by people with a strong belief that mutual trust and professionalism within a team are the keys to develop these values in relations with customers.

We are developing thanks to the consequence that is manifested by observing the ethos of fair pay in return for hard work, but we are generous in our appreciation of commitment and effort that our employees make to carry out the mission that we decided to  pursue 25 years ago - Reach higher thanks to a stable foundation: our customers' satisfaction.

Traineeships and experience placements

Develop your skills under supervision of the best ones. If you want to position yourself in the future as a part of finishing construction works business, take advantage of our collective experience and start your career under the best experts' supervision.

Training courses
and certificates

Improve your skills and get new qualifications. In order to meet market expectations, we keep up pace with formal requirements and new technologies - we take care of employees, because we need the best ones.

for a job

Introduce yourself and show your best sides. If we are not currently looking for an employee with the experience that you have, your application will be stored in our database and it will automatically be considered at any further recruitments.